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     On September 15th an open beta test server developed by the MUDREAM team will be launched. The main goal of the beta test is to find and fix all critical bugs in the game client. In this regard, MUDREAM invites active and sociable players to take part in the beta test and help us find all the imperfections of the new build. We promise you a lot of exciting challenges 💪, non-obvious bugs 🤯 and cool rewards 🤑. By helping us find bugs, you can try yourself as a Game-Tester, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and receive valuable rewards, because for each bug you find you will receive valuable rewards on the current Dream x100 server.  The most active users will receive the status of   BUG HUNTER. We will tell you more about the rewards and  BUG HUNTER status in our BOUNTY program, which will be published in the first week of the start of the beta test.



What do you need to participate?

To participate you will need to register and create a game account on the beta test server. The beta test start date is September 15th.



What to do if you find a bug?

After the start of the beta test, we will provide access to the bug tracking service. Before publishing a bug, you need to make sure that a similar bug has not been published by other participants (you can use the search). The bug must be filed in accordance with the following requirements:


1. Title - The bug title should answer 3 questions: What is happening? Where is it happening? Under what conditions is it happening?


The drop (what?) does not fall at the location {location name} (where?), when killing the monster {monster name} (when?).

An error is displayed (what?) in the registration form (where?), after clicking on the "Register" button (when?).


2. Steps to reproduce the bug - Order of actions to do to make a bug appear.


a) Open registration form

b) Fill in all fields of the form

c) Click on the "Register" button


3. Expected result - The action you expected to see from the game / site client

Example: Created an account on the site


4. Actual result - Actual action that happened

Example: An error is displayed {error text}


5. Note - in this paragraph you can specify additional information, a pattern that you have identified, a screenshot, video, any information that will help determine the essence and what causes of the bug.


The award will only be given for:

- unique bugs (if someone has already published a bug and you report it again, in this case you will not receive a reward).

- bugs that are designed according to the specified requirements.


After the admin of the MUDREAM team accepts the bug (the bug goes into the PLANNED status), you will receive a reward on the Dream x100.




In order for the beta test participants to have a comprehensive understanding of how the game client and website will be improved, we publish our ROADMAP












MUDREAM UPDATES 1.7 01 / 09 / 2022





Changelog v. 1.7







Added Emoji (beta) into the game chat




Fixed excelent options visual bug that appeared after adding a PvP option to the item.


Now changing class includes changing your wings into other class wings. (Is provided manually. To order wings change you have to change class at account panel and create ticket at discord. New wings keep all the options and upgrades, only class will be changed). The cost of the service remains the same - 1500 Dream Coins.





Illusion Temple - changes will take effect after server restart.

Event duration reduced from 15 minutes to 7 minutes.

Restriction on entry by the same character has been removed.

Event frequency is now once every 4 hours.

Increased the chance of getting the first  Lesser Spirit Stone reward to 80%

Second Reward Changes:  Horn of Fenrir (Red)  replaced with  Broken Horn (drop chance 5%)




Temple of Arnil

Increased jewel drop rate at the Temple of Arnil by 2x compared to other locations.

Increased Jewel amount dropped from   Sealed Silver Box from 10 jewels pack to 20 jewels pack.





Silver Box       



50% Rank 7 Item. Exc Opt - 2

15% Rings / Pendants +9, Exc Opt - 2  
Jewel of Excellent, 10 Jewel of Guardian

34% Jewel of Bless 20, Jewel of Soul 20  
Jewel of Life 20, Gemstone 20, Jewel of Harmony 20

1% Broken Horn, 3rd Wings Exc Opt - 1




Changed   Sealed Golden Box drop:

Now, in addition to the main loot, with a 10% chance, one  Golden Sentence and  Greater Spirit Stone can be dropped.



Golden Box



50% Rank 7 Item. Excellent Opt - 3

15% Rank 8 Item. Exc Opt - 2

34% All type Jewels - 30

1% Horn of Fenrir, 4rd Wings 1 Exc Opt.





Added new Dark Lord pet - Ghost White Horse.


Increase Expirience gained by 20%

Increase Physical Damage +10%
Increase Wizardry Damage +5%
Increase Defense +1000
Increase Life +500



Added new pet for all other classes - Tribetton.



Increase Expirience gained by 20%

Increase Physical Damage +10%
Increase Wizardry Damage +5%
Increase Defense +1000
Increase Life +500



Special Offers:


Shining Tail Rare is no more available at the store.


Pierce Ryan Rare price increased by 50 Dream Coins to 399 Dream Coins.


Added new package offers:



Craft Pack








Ghost White Horse










All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

MUDREAM 2.0 31 / 08 / 2022




     Hello everyone  . Today we want to slightly reveal the mist and tell you about what awaits us in the future and how MUDREAM project will develop. As we said earlier, we are making big plans for the development of the project .  We thank everyone who helps the server financially. MUDREAM doesn't set itself the goal of getting rich or making money on the players. We reinvest all the profit into the server development to make it bigger and better. So what will happen in the future?  Innovations can be conditionally divided into 3 stages.




First stage



     One of our main tasks was implementing our own custom client. This will give us the opportunity to fully change the gameplay, fix any bugs, add new locations, new classes, items and much more. . Our own custom client implemeting was made gradually agains the background of the problems we faced and succesfully solved. Soon we will be ready to launch a beta test server on with our custom client to test it, find and fix various bugs.




Second stage



    The second stage of innovations will be the site . We really liked our current site, although at first it seemed to us a little bit ancient and clumsy. But in our dreams, the site of the MUDREAM project should be looking very different.Therefore, the second stage will be the site crossplatform adaptation, cool design and interesting functionality. . We know for the saying "It's better to see once than hear 100 times", so let's make a small spoiler :)




Third stage



     At the third stage, we will launch a new server with our own custom client . It will be the final stage of MUDREAM project into how we imagine it. We will be happy if you, dear players, take an active part in all three stages. We want you to offer interesting ideas about project development, adding new features and give us feedback about updates . But we would not get upset if you will just play, chill and enjoy the game :)



Such interesting innovations await us in the future. Stock up on fire extinguishers, the winter will be hot .  Follow the news, this is gonna be cool!










All the best. ©DreamTeam                  





Dear players, this weekend the MUDREAM server turns 3 months old. We thank everyone who stays with us despite all the hardships we have gone through. We appreciate this and we are ready to keep working hard for the benefit of the project so that it can rightfully be called the best project in the MU Online world. We are also happy to welcome newcomers who are constantly joining our project. This gives us the understanding that we are following the right course. 





On this occasion, we organize a number of cool events. Everyone can take part and get rewards, so go ahead and read the description :)







   SUMMER QUIZ - it is a quiz where the answer to the question is a promocode. First 15 people who enter the correct promocode will receive a prize. Questions will appear at our social medias. We will inform you in the discord about the appearance of the first one. Further questions will appear without notification, so we recommend subscribing in order to be one of the first to give the correct answer and get a reward.










   MUDREAM FOOTBALL - we will be moved to a special location where we will play football. This is that kind of football where you can relax in a comfortable chair, open a can of beer and drink for us all :) The event start will be announced at both ingame chat and discord from August 27th to 28th.












    MUDREAM RUNNER - is a fun event to find the fastest player. Whoever demonstrates the wonders of micro control and runs to the finish line first will receive a cool prize. The event start will be announced at both ingame chat and discord from August 27th to 28th.










      MUDREAM PVP BATTLE - the well-known PVP tournament  with new cool rewards. You can find out more information at the tournament page  - see here









      Castle Siege - is one of the main events in MU Online, where the strongest guilds will compete for the title of the strongest in the MUDREAM world.











     MUDREAM AMNESTY - in honor of our "anniversary" we are giving players who got into the BAN a second chance. The procedure for removing the ban - you need to write a message to one of the administrators in the discord in the following format:

Subject: MUDREAM AMNESTY  1) Nickname of the character 2) Ban reason 3) Your comment (optional)




P.S. We want to give players the opportunity to continue playing if they have realized their violations and are ready to promise that they will not violate the rules again. Each application will be considered collectively by the entire admin staff and we will write about each positive decision in the discord.

P.S.S. If you plan to apply only to transfer your items to other players, we hasten to upset you, we will stop any attempts. The program is aimed at ensuring that a person who has realized his guilt can get a 2nd chance and keep playing the game, not at transgering all items to other characters.






Also, in addition to the entertaining part, we have another surprise, but we will announce it on Sunday :) Have a nice day everyone, see you at the events.









All the best. ©DreamTeam                  

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