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Server Opening «Alexandria x100» | August 21 at 08:00 PM
Posted 12 / 08 / 2021

Ready for the fight! Team is announcing the Long-awaited server opening Alexandria x100

There is no doubt, you should be here. 
The professionalism that we put into our work will fully justify your time spent here. 
We are offering a new gaming platform with an online activity that gathers more than 400 players on the Season 6 Episode 3 platform!

We are showcasing you a classic server Alexandria x100 within the project.
Server Opening «Alexandria x100» | August 21, at 08:00 PM (GMT +3)

We prepared for you a classical server Mu Online, combining the maximum balance of all classes, the minimum donate, which in no way will affect the gameplay!

The main components of the server:

  • The largest advertising campaign, which will provide a huge online activity from the start! 
  • A qualitative server with a maximum level of comfort from the game time is guaranteed! 
  • The best anti-cheat and anti-dupe security system.
  • Constant fights non-stop during events and bosses.
  • The server will be working without vipes, until a 0 online activity!
  • Multiple guilds and a constant opposition! 
  • Multiple events and an entertaining game-play won't get you bored!

Server opening - August 21 at 08:00 PM (GMT+3) What awaits you?

  • An ideal start, without DDoS attacks or any delays
  • Absence of items that affect the gameplay in the Donate store. 
  • Getting 20.000 Zen, straight after the creation of a character.
  • When creating a character, there are certain necessary starting items available.
  • First seige will take place on August 29, at 08:00 PM.
  • The best security from an Active Anticheat.

A compelling amount of advertising guarantees a maximal online presence! 
A professional administration team will make your gaming process as comfortable as it gets!

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